Shauna Rae is a seasoned graphic design + communications specialist who might be better described as an artful translator.

After many years of working for agencies and design firms, she founded Shauna Rae Art + Design to marry her love of fine art with her passion for graphic design. To this day, she continues to share her powerful & positive creative vision with a diverse roster of clients from around the globe, many of whom count themselves among humanity’s agents of change.

Shauna offers a wide variety of design & creative services, among them highly memorable logos and brands, publications & reports, posters, invitations, packaging, signage and web design. She has many years of book & magazine publishing expertise, and is an accomplished illustrator with a gift for crafting language.

Shauna’s deep connection with the natural world features prominently in her personal artwork, where a certain fondness for winged things can often be seen.

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